• Better management of federal lands to prevent and curtail fires. If you live in the Second District, the federal government, which owns over 50% of the land in the district, is your neighbor and it’s often a pretty bad one. The U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management need a priority shift to allow more fuel reduction to prevent forest fires and employ loggers and millworkers throughout the Second District.
  • Opposing regulations that increase cost of living and cost of doing business. The Trump administration has done a good job reducing the amount of regulations facing Oregon residents and businesses. Many people in Oregon are struggling to make it financially – whether in expensive and fast-growing areas like Bend or Hood River or in places like John Day or Burns where bad federal timber policies have helped destroy the local economy. I oppose the types of renewable energy mandates that are popular in Portland but ultimately make it even more difficult for people in Central, Southern and Eastern Oregon to make ends meet.
  • Support for Pro-Life legislation and judges. Unlike one Republican candidate in this race, I am strongly pro-life and support President Trump’s judicial appointments. Undermining conservative judicial appointees to appeal to Portland liberals is just wrong. Second District Republicans deserve an advocate in Washington who agrees with their views on abortion and judicial appointments. They deserve someone who stands for conservative principles, not someone whose political career until recently was dedicated to making Portland liberals forget he’s a Republican.
  • Upholding Second Amendment Rights. Its easy for candidates to now say “I’ll protect your second amendment rights”. I won’t just protect them, but uphold the Constitution’s original intent. I will advocate for nationwide conceal carry reciprocity. As a longtime Oregon Concealed Handgun License holder, I uniquely know the concerns of Oregonian’s who lawfully carry on a regular basis, but also travel to neighboring states.